Name Marissa Hiroko
Location Garden Grove, California
Sign Taurus
Occupation Model / Student
Ethnicity Japanese / Caucasian

When friends picture me in their head what would I typically be wearing…I’m always super casual, so a pair of jeans or shorts and a tank.
My perfect weekend would consist of…Going to a nice breezy beach, hang out with my friends and go eat some yummy food.
I’m currently obsessed with…buying shoes!
I wish i were younger/older because…I like where I’m at right now. I feel like I’m just starting to look my age (laughs), people always thought I look younger.
If I could have lunch with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…I would only choose one person. My grandpa, who passed away when I was younger.
If I could be in bed with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…One person this time as well haha, my boyfriend of course.
I celebrate success by treating myself to something nice and deal with failure always keeping my head up and trying 10 times harder.

The biggest misconception people have of me is…Honestly, I can’t think of one. I feel like everyone who has met or knows me, knows that who I am when they first meet me is genuinely how I am to everyone. So I don’t think anyone has any misconceptions about me!

My best advice for guys…Be honest and never put up a front. Women can see right through it and its not cute…
How can people find you on the web?
instagram – @itsMarissaHiroko

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