Name: Ngan Vo
Location: Westminster, California
Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Waitress
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

When friends picture me in their head what would I typically be wearing…I’m always in comfortable clothes, so a tee shirt & jeans.
My perfect weekend would consist of…Hanging out with my two puppies Droopy & Khloe, eat, shop, anything really.
I’m currently obsessed with…Tastea, yum!
I wish I were younger/older because…older. 21 to be exact so I can finally go to Vegas.
If I could have lunch with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…Channing Tatum, only one is enough for me.
If I could be in bed with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…No comment (laughs).
I celebrate success with food and deal with failure with sleep.
The biggest misconception people have of me is…IDK.
My best advice for guys… be yourself, be successful, never give up, and don’t be lazy!
How can people find you on the web? Facebook.Please like and share!

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