Chad Future is the first AK-pop star (American Kpop Star). He also looks like Joffrey‘s older sister and his whole aura is lip gloss. Basically, dude freaks me out, son. But I’m not going to make fun of the guy. He saw kpop and decided he wanted to adopt it as a musical genre and a lifestyle.

Yo, everybody got a dream.

And frankly, he’s doing a pretty good job. I ran down a checklist of the qualifications of today’s kpop and it seems like he hit all the bases.

Electro beats? Check.

Pale skin? Check.

Ambiguously gay? Check.

Bad pronunciation of Korean words so it sounds hip? Check.

And yo, one last thing.

Bridging the gap between American and K-Pop music, Detroit born Rapper/Producer Chad Future teams up with Top 20 Singer/Song Writer Jeremy Thurber for what Billboard has called the World’s first “AK-POP” single, ‘Hello’.

He’s from Detroit. You know who else is from Detroit? Eminem, the white rapper who proved white dudes could rap subsequently changing the genre forever! Yo, meet the new king of Kpop.


  • http://Website eunhye

    erm… no.

  • Smuffy

    I’ll say no thanks. o-o He really can’t pull it off (but props for trying?)