My ears prop up whenever I hear sushi. So bomb. But there’s some things going on behind the scenes, before your roll makes it to your table, that raises some concern. Don’t worry, it’s not some Fast Food Nation shit that’ll make you avoid seafood forever but peep the ‘ledge.

Bamboo Sushi in Portland is proud to be the first 100% sustainable sushi restaurant in the world and isn’t afraid to provide proof. The award-winning establishment has made a name for themselves, having partnered with leading marine stewardship organizations to ensure the fish served in their restaurant adheres to processes that protect and sustain the fragile ecosystem of the oceans where the fish was caught. Rather than create an ad for their business, however, this unique video starring a cast of amazing hand-crafted miniatures directed and shot by Vincent Peone, demonstrates a clear understanding that there is a better, more sustainable and environmentally responsible way to tell the story of sushi, as it travels from the ocean, to your plate.

Great video.

[via hypebeast]


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