Sorry guys, I had to (with that headline). Chef David Chang, of Momofuku and Lucky Peach, is going to start throwing mold and bacteria into his foods. He’s teaming up with a Harvard microbiologist. Rachel Dutton, to make it all happen but why?

Fermentation is often a process used in cooking, especially in Asian cuisine. Microbes are essential to traditional Asian dishes such as miso soup, kimchi, koji, and rice vinegar. The Momofuku R&D team is currently monitoring how foods decay in their test kitchen. Plastic containers are filled with ingredients such as popcorn, beans, and peas. Dan Felder, head of the R&D at Momofuku’s test kitchen explains that, “We’re still totally mystified.”

Word, yo. In the words of Dan Felder, I still don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m guessing the kimchi-making process (fermentation) is the inspiration of all of this.

Mold pictured: 1. Cranberry Vinegar, 2. Kimchi, 3. Koji, 4. Pork Bushi. Image credit: Grant Cornett

[via psfk]