If you have yet to see the Tapout commercial that’s been airing on Spike TV, then you’ve been missing out of what is about to become the future of Mixed Martial Arts. Now I know that the MMA scene may be hard to follow. You’ve got to really invest some time into all the various disciplines and techniques that are involved including Muay Thai, BJJ, JKD, wrestling, grappling, submissions, boxing, karate, taekwondo etc. The list goes on and on. Not to mention that to really get into sport you have to become well versed in all the rivalries, background stories, and bad-blood between fighters. I’ll be honest, I just like watching people fight, and the short synopsis they provide before each event is just enough to pique my interest.

However, these young fighters instantly caught my attention. We’re used to seeing child prodigies when we associate them with music or some other sort of artistic talent that is beyond belief. But once you take a look at the Ruffo Brothers, it will leave you with no doubt that this sport is evolving in ways that no one could have ever imagined. Not only are they just eight and nine years old, but they’ve also been training since they were 18 months. This 10-minute Tapout film directed by Bobby Razak showcases their unbelievable talent.

You would think training kids to be badass fighters wouldn’t be such a great idea. But they are surprisingly humble, dedicated, and mature in their outlook. With awards, trophies, and championships that are much too extensive to list, there is no doubt that these brothers are going to revolutionize MMA. Oh, and did I mention they also have a 4-year old brother who will appear in the next Tapout commercial that is slated to appear in the near future? Yeah, don’t worry. We’ll be all over it once it debuts.

Until then, watch this video and be afraid of third graders for the rest of your life.