In China, it used to be an unwritten rule that you had to treat the elderly with honor and respect. Now the Chinese government is making it official with the “Parent Abandonment Bill”. It states you must visit the old folk in your life unless you like getting sued! Does that sound crazy to you? Here’s why they’re doing it:

The rapid rise in China’s elderly population has come with a proportionate increase in the number of reported cases of senior citizen abuse. China’s state media relayed the story of one son in the plush province of Jiangsu, who apparently coerced his 100-year-old mother to live in a pigsty for two whole years, according to the AP. Between 2007 and 2009, a 13% spike in the reported number of elder-abuse cases has been seen in Greater China, the South China Morning Post disclosed four years ago.

Damn. You made your 100 year old mom live in a pigsty, bro?!? With any law you can only hope that it will benefit those who need it and hope nobody abuses it.
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  • Cerberus

    You’re using a Japanese graphic for an article about the passage of a bill in China. Why oh why

    • Dave

      Yeah, I hesitated for a second on that. But cot damn if I don’t love the adorable grandparents in Maruko chan.