Starting next month, guys in the southern city of Shenzhen will have to be more careful with their aim during bathroom visits. The government, intent on punishing “uncouth use of a public toilet”, will start fining 100 yuan (roughly $16) to dudes who miss the urinal. Shit, I’m pretty good with my aim but I know when I’m drunk, I want to finish pissing and get back out to drink more so I can be quite careless. If somebody wanted me to cough up $16, I’d be more than a little upset.

On another note, rules like this could be good for some youth…, I remember in jr high school everyone used to piss on the side panel separating the stalls until it rotted and then someone kicked a hole into it which was funny. In high school, some kid bet me money he could piss on the ceiling. I lost that bet. Again, hilarious but nasty. This fine sucks.

[via guycode]

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  • Liana Huie

    Can we do this in America too?
    This doesn’t just pertain to the men’s bathroom… women’s bathroom also. You’d be surprised how wet the floor is from the women’s bathroom.. WHY ARE WE HAVING ISSUES IF WE’RE SQUATTING OVER THAT BIG ASS HOLE KNOWN AS THE TOILET!? This should also be implemented in co-ed bathrooms.


      haha i believe it