Look at the computer screen in the cubicle next to you at work, there’s a good chance there’s some facebook’ing or gchatting going on between work or during downtime. I mean, if you’re reading this post right now, you’re guilty of the same. It’s kind of expected at this point as long as you’re getting your stuff done (are you?) and you’re not gaming like these fools:

The government employees were caught in late august after unannounced inspections by the local government’s disciplinary arm. During both visits, the inspectors found a decline in work efficiency from the Manas county Industrial Park regulatory department as well as declines in fourteen other departments.

Looking into what caused the lack of work production, the disciplinary department found that 19 employees spread across 14 local government departments, most from the IPRD, were playing Three Kingdoms Killers Online, the Bang!-inspired, Three Kingdoms-themed card game.

Of the ninteteen people that were caught playing video games during office hours, four included deputy department heads, and ten were township level supervisors.

Can you imagine these guys all excited to get back to work so they can play? Even funnier, you know they bragged to their friends about it. HAHA stupid.

[via kotaku]