Chinese government officials met last week in Beijing to discuss Korean dramas. Nah, for real.But they weren’t discussing what they thought was going to happen next, and who should break up with who or nothing like that. Apparently, the soap opera My Love From a Star is killing it right now, garnering over 2.5 billion views online and sitting at the top of China’s viewership. People are so obsessed that restaurants started selling fried chicken and beer after lead actress Jeon Jy-Hyun (of My Sassy Girl fame) mentioned it and folks started eating that up. Fans love it, but the officials don’t.

And yo, I get it. Pop culture is so important. All that entertainment influences the general population way more than whatever your government is trying to push. Also, when your neighbors are supplying your own people with manga (Japan) and drama/kpop (Korea), it’s going to piss you off, especially with the history of rivalry that’s usually most obvious at events like the Olympics.

A member of China’s political advisory party put it like this, “It is more than just a Korean soap opera. It hurts our culture dignity.”

Mad drama, son. Check out the show about an alien who falls in love with a stuck up pop star here.

[via washingtonpost]