Shopping with women is never like those teen movie montages. You know that scene where they go to the mall? You ain’t plopping down in a chair and having the girl come out the dressing room model sexy bikinis and other cute outfits to Britney Spears soundtracks. Nah, it’s ‘oh, I gotta check out this spot and try everything on and I might not even get anything’ and that happens about infinity times. Unless you’re Kanye West, you’re not really that interested in the whole process and you’d rather split up and hit your spots or next best thing, find one stationary spot to wait at. Well, now in China, they have a designated spot for that. It’s called “laogong jicun chu” which translates into “husband cloakroom”. Peep the scene.











While it doesn’t necessarily look like the ol’ man cave, you can see the relief or at least a slight discomfort on these guys’ faces. On the other spectrum, congrats to the women getting these whiney ass dudes off their backs.

[via kotaku]

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