Okay, here’s another ‘you know you’re asian when…’ for ya. Have you and your friends ever tried to blow out a candle with your fist/palm/hand? Not by waving it out but by harnessing the chi energies within! LOL. Anyway, this dude done figured it out.

A man from Zhengzhou, China, has mastered a unique kung-fu technique that he has dubbed “Shaolin Sunshine Hand” which generates energy through his fists that can put out candles up to three meters away.

Chen stated that he had dedicated the last eight years to studying the technique, with the assistance of online research. Apparently it’s the easiest technique of the 72 Matchless Skills of Shaolin.

However lot’s of doubt in Chen’s ability has circulated online already, with accusations saying that “the flames were different before and after”.

Doubt? Why? Look at dude! He looks like he really been in the basement wearing a beat up DBZ t-shirt and sweatpants for the last eight years, just practicing this shit and nothing else. What now? Birthday parties?

[via ax3battery]