After getting a call about a floating body, 18 cops arrived at the scene to retrieve the ‘corpse’ with roughly 1,000 bystanders witnessing the action. But the saddest/funniest part?

In order to deflect further ridicule, suspicion or controversy, the police showed the “body” to the public and then “evacuated” the area.

Man, sometimes you just gotta laugh situations like these off. It was an honest mistake and if anybody deserves to get shitted on, it should be dude who put the call in. Matter fact, I bet dude who threw it away had a change of heart but didn’t have the balls to jump into the water to rescue his ‘lover’. So, he calls the police and this is what happened.

Also, it doesn’t help that this isn’t the first time folks have been stumped by a hump. Hee hee.

[via sankakucomplex]

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