The ashes of drug mule Janice Linden were finally sent back to her family in South Africa three weeks after he execution in China. The ashes arrived in a brown cardboard box, not even in an urn or vase to her family. Other sources claim that she didn’t even know she was bringing in 3 kilos of Crystal Meth into the country.

“Look at this, they weren’t even decent enough to put her in an urn … she was somebody’s child,” said a tearful Nthando Mthalane, Linden’s nephew.

Authorities were accused initially of not doing enough to stop the execution and then for stalling the delivery of Linden’s ashes, both of which international relations spokesperson Clayson Monyela said were out of their hands.”

China doesn’t play around when it comes to narcotics! Definitely don’t bring any packages for other people when travelling overseas. I feel really bad for the family…more here.