I know for a fact that a lot of you working folk make trips to the bathroom to either power nap, cry a little, or rub one out. I’m not judging you, sometimes you need that little getaway nahmean? At the¬†Shanghai Shinmei Electric Company, you get two minutes to use the bathroom so that mini vacay is definitely not happening, let alone a proper ass wiping. If you exceed the alotted time, you get fined. Granted, workers were pissed!!!!

About 1,000 workers at Shanghai Shinmei Electric Company held the 10 Japanese nationals and eight Chinese managers inside the factory in Shanghai starting Friday morning until 11.50 p.m. Saturday, said a statement from the parent company, Shinmei Electric Co., released Monday. It said the managers were released uninjured after 300 police officers were called to the factory.

They really need to start treating workers better over there, shit’s fucked up.
[via yahoo]
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