Man, when I heard track three on the new Nas album, “A Queens Story”, I fell out the window. The Queens poet does his walk-with-me through-QB-streets, evoking images of celestial beings amidst ‘dope sold out of laundromats’, all over triumphant strings and brass. But on the third verse, the song takes a dip into the darkness and Mr. Jones delivers the illest quotable, ‘accident murderers, they act like they killed on purpose, liars brag they put work in, you ain’t mean to merk him, your gun’s a virgin”. WOO! And it all happens courtesy of these mad pianos, ebbing and flowing with Nas to communicate the celebration of success against the memory of lost comrades.

I imagined the pianist to be something like that well-known Beethoven picture, with the furrowed brow, all stern-like.


Turns out the arrangement was provided courtesy of a Korean girl named Chloe Flower. Word?

I was on a mission to find out how this collaboration came about and ended up discovering much more; a talented new artist who’s already worked with disparate individuals like Celine Dion, Deepak Chopra and Swizz Beats? But more than that, somebody who’s in it for more than just the applause. This isn’t a feature on how you should’ve stuck with the piano when your mom was screaming on you. True higher purpose stuff over here, get familiar.

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