Last night, I saw a stream of some of the most bugged out imagery courtesy of David Choe’s Instagram. Oh, here it is but first a message from the man himself.

I got something to catch my ADD no attention span , attention for a second , I hacked and sliced all my photos and paintings and made a free sticker app, to drive me crazy and add even more distractions to my life. Play with me and play with yourself , why wouldn’t you it’s free ! It’s my gift to you , it’s worth it just to put a humungous unicorn boil zit cysts on all your friends or put yourself into my paintings and give yourself asian eyes with no makeup or surgery !Use me and abuse me , probably do a contest at some point so have fun kids #CHOEBOTS @99centbrains #munko










There are more with zits and shit but I ain’t post it because that’s nasty. I’m good, son. I just seen the Tim and Eric movie yesterday too.

I even did one myself. What you think? I don’t care. Yay!