I don’t know why I still get into debates with so-called Hip Hop heads over Pop being “real” music or not. I mean, didn’t DJ Premier produce for Christina Aguilera? Don’t Timbaland and Justin Timberlake have a classic album together? End of conversation, suckas! But the same argument extends to our Kpop friends overseas.

Choice 37 is that real and he’s the man behind some of the biggest hits to come out of Kpop in recent years.

Before he was getting shout outs from G-Dragon (“Choice, drop it on me“) he was collaborating with indie favorites like Blu and Aloe Blacc. Nowadays, he’s both expanding the repertoire and treating casual listeners to innovative soundscapes, applying his hip hop roots to create bangers for YG Entertainment (Big Bang, 2NE1). Read on to find out how he got down with the label, what hip hop blogs Big Bang is up on, and where to get those pants from the “One of a Kind” video.