Maaaaaaan, I done known about this project for a long ass time. The big homie Chops was contemplating doing it a few years back and it’s amazing to see it go from idea to reality! As one of the Mountain Brothers, Chops (along with Styles infinite and Peril-L), influenced a lot of heads man. But even when the group disbanded, the producer with mad bass in his voice kept at the music thing and has gone on to work with and produce for the best in the biz (lil wayne, nicki minaj, kanye west, etc). He even has beats on some of your favorite and least favorite reality shows. But it’s lonely at the top and turns out the OG always wanted to work with all the new up and coming Asian talent but it ain’t make sense ($$$). So he said fuck it, and put together this new project Strength in Numbers. Here is the video where he says all this in his own words. Support, even if it’s $25 or a couple thousand if you got it like that.

So where does the money go?

Making this album it was necessary to spend on basic travel, plus supplies and equipment for recording and music mixdown, not to mention daily costs of operation while working, creating, tweaking to make sure everybody and everything sounds great. Upcoming expenses include sequencing and audio mastering, merchandise manufacturing and shipping, publicity, and promotion. The reason for this project is to help everybody’s talents get recognized and enjoyed by as many people as possible. At 2 years and counting, it’s hard to say when time and effort will even begin to be compensated for.

If you really can’t even spare a couple dollars, share this thing. It’s called Strength in Numbers nahmean? Can’t wait to hear the music on the compilation and the Chops production on the collaborators’ own respective projects!

Who’s on it though?

Here’s more names than you can fit in your homie’s Honda Civic: Ann One (LA), Baiyu(NYC), Bambu (LA), Catzie of Yellow Rage (PHL), Connie Lim (LA), Decipher (PHL),DJ Bonics (PHL/PGH), DJ Neil Armstrong (NYC), DJ Roli Rho (NYC), Dumbfoundead(LA), El Gambina (NJ), Erika David (Bay Area), Hopie (SF), Hoya (NYC), J-Key (NYC),Joanlee (LA), Kiwi (LA), Lil Crazed (MN), Matt Cab (Tokyo), Mic Barz (ATL), Mountain Brothers (PHL), Nikko Dator (LV), Paul Kim (LA), Prometheus Brown (SEA),Rekstizzy (NYC), Rocky Rivera (SF), Ruby Ibarra (Bay Area), Tasha aka Yoonmirae(Korea), Thai (PDX), Tiger JK (Korea), Timothy Flu (ATL), Verbal of M-Flo / Teriyaki Boyz (Tokyo), and Yellow Boyz (ATL)

That’s an army.

Check out the Kickstarter page.

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