Jose Antonio Vargas is the man. The former Washington Post journalist came out as an undocumented immigrant in 2011 in a New York Times Magazine essay and hasn’t been deported since. Since then he’s been fighting the good fight, speaking out about being an ‘illegal’ and creating the documentary “Documented”.

Just before he revealed his immigration status, Vargas began filming. He said he wanted to capture everything he was about to go through. He also set out to tell stories of those brought to the country illegally as children who would benefit from a path to permanent residency under the stalled U.S. DREAM Act.

“It is imperative that we remind people what is actually at stake and that we humanize as much as possible a highly political, highly partisan issue,” Vargas said. “A film to me has the potential to not only change policy but to change people’s minds and hearts.”

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Respect to CNN for acquiring this.

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