I always thought Colin Powell reminded me of McGruff, the “crime-fighting dog” that would interrupt my cartoons to talk about crime and safety. How appropriate is it now that Powell (in an interview with Asahi) is trying to interrupt the treasured manga-viewing of the Japanese youth. 

Some young people, called “herbivores,” choose games and manga over real love. What do you have to say to such young people?

“Young people must not only be aware of the problems facing the nation, they must also make progress as well. They can’t just sit around reading manga and texting.”

“The demographic crisis facing Japan is very grave. A small number of youngsters must support a large number of old people.”

“America is ageing too, but we are letting in plenty of immigrants, and thanks to them lots of kids are being born. Japan doesn’t have that. Japan’s ageing is severe, and the people who are going to have to pay for that are the youth of today.”

“The value of Japan’s youth is greater than that of the US – Japan doesn’t have the luxury of letting its youth turn into herbivores. It must have its young become strong and hone their muscles.

They need lots of protein, and to train themselves hard. It’s important that they face up to the future and work towards solving Japan’s ageing society and low birth rates. It’s the young who will determine the future of Japan.”

“The Japanese didn’t use to be herbivores. I’d like them to take a look at themselves in a mirror and reflect on that. They’ve overcome many difficulties – after the war they achieved massive economic growth. They came back from every difficulty.

I really respect that Japan, I’m proud of our alliance with them.”

The best part is the reaction from Japan (in comment sections) which is a combination of ‘Americans are obsessed with meathead shit’ and ‘look at the obesity rates of your own country’. LOL.

[via sankakucomplex]

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