It’s Valentine’s Day. But, who really cares when the #Linsanity continues tonight! We’re doing our first giveaway, a fresh Jeremy Lin Knicks snapback courtesy of the homies over at Heads Ain’t Ready. Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment here sharing your favorite part about #Linsanity. Is it what he’s doing on the court? The funny nicknames? Showing that Asians got game too? Let us know!

2) Make sure you add a working e-mail address so we can contact you if you won.

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4) Either tweet “I just entered to win a @Jlin7 snapback from @gumship #linsanity” or post “I just entered to win a Jeremy Lin snapback from @gumship #linsanity” onto your facebook wall.

The winner will have their choice of one of these four hats. Do remember, you can also “win” the hat by just heading to the ebay store lol.

*Only available to folks in the United States (sorry!). We will be announcing winners on Sunday.




Victor Cruz approved!


  • http://Website cleopatra

    i love jeremy’s linsane court vision ability and his fearless drive-ins!! oh happy vaLINtine’s day suckas

  • Linda

    The crazy amounts of #Linsanity fb status updates;seeing people excited about basketball again, that’s some cool stuff.

  • http://Website John Li Ang

    The crazy LINSANE 20+ points PER GAME~!!!KNICKS are alive once again~AWESOME!!

  • http://Website Shandy

    I followed Lin during his college years before “Linsanity” and i’m proud that he’s gotten where he is now, and it also helps the Asian community come above the surface of being under looked in many areas especially basketball. Bottomline, Linsanity is bringing many different races together, and it is amazing.

  • kimchigun

    I love super lintendo!

    im just excited a smart fucking asian is kicking ass plain and simple.

    You cant be a thug, hard, or a gangstar if you get dunked on by a harvard grad. He leaves you looking like afterbirth on the court… your man cards revoked son! Walk the fuck home boy!

    When i win that hat, im gonna impregnate my wife while wearing it. Im gonna hit it from the back while answering algebra equation and be fucking proud of it!!!!!!

    Im out this bitch!!

  • GC

    Love that he plays with and in faith. And can’t forget about that spin.

  • GC

    O and did I mention, this is my year? Year of the Dragon, baby

  • http://Website joey z

    I love his ridiculous, spin left, bout to fall right, kiss it off the glass lay-ups

  • http://Website Joey Kim

    A superstar asian player in the NBA?? Awesome! Playing for the Knicks? Double awesome! Where do I live NEW YORK!! Perfect time to go watch a Knicks game this Sunday baby and I need a hat to wear to it for support~!! lol

  • http://Website Dan

    Love his passion for the game and his modesty when confronted about his talent. I respect him because he respects the game

  • Tluck jram

    My favorite thing about Lin, is that he has scored more points than Magic Bird Michael Kobe or Lebron, to start his nba career, but he always defers credit to his teammates in interviews… Like he’s been there done that.

  • Apollo

    The blue tongue

  • Andrew Lee

    I love how even though the media praises him and always asks about him as an individual he always stays humble and acknowledges that it’s a team game. He leads by example. It’s also great that his passion for what he believes in both spiritually and mentally are the main focuses that drive him. #linsanity all day!!!

  • Jenny

    Love how Jeremy Lin is such a good player, but is also very humble about it. The story about the couch thing. Even regular people wouldn’t do that! Haha. I was actually very surprised when I saw the picture of it. How can a 6’3 man sleep on that?!!!??
    He must’ve been really courteous, I thought.

    Anywhoo. It’s amazing how he’s so hardworking.
    He’s really a model of God’s image.

    He’s smart, talented, funny, humble, good-looking, and passionate.
    #Linsanity, all day everyday baby.

    Happy Va-lin-tine’s Day, everyone!

  • http://Website Jennifer

    He has really touched me with his way of living, his humble personality.
    I was watching some interviews of him and I was just amazed.

    I felt so compelled and inspired by his words that I started to be more positive in my life as well. The bible verse he likes (Romans 5:3-5) is a huge strength to me everyday also.

    I respect him so much as a fellow Asian Christian.

    And yes. He’s very attractive, I’d have to admit.

  • http://Website Andrew

    My favorite part about Lin is how he’s able to unite everyone, not just Asians or males, to watch basketball. He unites everyone on and off the court with his humbleness, leadership, and basketball skills.

  • Paul Lee

    I like that Jeremy pops 3s like they’re ripe pimples.

  • Aaron

    My favorite part about #Linsanity is that I’ve followed jeremy Lin since his college days hoping he would play in the nba. Now that hes at this level i feel so proud of his acconplishments. Since i was little i had dreams to play professional basketball but i came to the reality i couldn’t. Since then ive been following basketball like a madman. Its more than about race but because im asian too i feel a connection where hard work will get us somewhere in life. No matter what this man does i hope to use him as a role model for my future kids.

  • http://Website Michael lu

    #linderella #nbaislinteresting lin is on front page of singapore press. #viral. Fan since 92. watching the knicks has been an emotional roller coaster since the departure of spree and houston. i’m happy for lin not bc. he’s asian, ok, that was lied lol. mainly bc. what he brings tot he table. my man went from barely making the roster to starting 1 guard. One thing you can’t argue about lin is he has great court vision and decision making wise is only going to get better. good day folks! now let me get that snapback!

  • http://Website James Pho

    I like that Lin is making basketball even more exciting to watch again! Plus he is pretty much showing most of the other players up by his dedication to his education, family, and faith! He embodies the phrase “actions speak louder than words”

    I got LINSANITY!!

  • http://Website Phil Kim

    As an Asian American, I finally get to be lazy on Halloween and just throw on a Knicks Jersey. Also, my new favorite drinking game game- Everytime Sportscenter mentions Jeremy Lin- you drink. #GetLinWasted

  • http://Website Michael T

    Lin is bringing in a wave of people who had no interest in basketball until he started to rock the NBA. I love the fact that he’s an Asian American player who is being recognize not just because of his ethnicity but because of his amazing talent and his great story behind it all. I also like the fact that he’s from Palo Alto. Bay Area!!

  • Stacey

    I love that Knicks are fired up and looking like champs! Been a fan since 92 and it’s been a long time since we have had this much excitement thanks too Lin!!!

  • http://Website Matt Sisk This is what I love about him. Especially the lin swagger after he jays the 3 in calderon’s face. I also hit my head on the ceiling when I jumped off my couch after watching this. Jeremy Lin is the greatest thing that ever happened to my life.

  • http://Website Matt Sisk

    I’ve also been a knicks fan since I was i conceived in 1994. Patrick Ewing held me as a baby<3

  • Henry lin

    Jeremy is an Asian Rudy, only his story was more than a longshot, it was almost LImpossible to achieve given how many teams and players per roster, it was a real longshot, and yet he is now a superstar in NYC,