Congrats Michael Lu for winning the Jeremy Lin Snapback from Heads Ain’t Ready. You will be receiving an e-mail shortly. Here is his comment.

#linderella #nbaislinteresting lin is on front page of singapore press. #viral. Fan since 92. watching the knicks has been an emotional roller coaster since the departure of spree and houston. i’m happy for lin not bc. he’s asian, ok, that was lied lol. mainly bc. what he brings tot he table. my man went from barely making the roster to starting 1 guard. One thing you can’t argue about lin is he has great court vision and decision making wise is only going to get better. good day folks! now let me get that snapback!

It was a tough decision. We also enjoyed these two comments.

Love how Jeremy Lin is such a good player, but is also very humble about it. The story about the couch thing. Even regular people wouldn’t do that! Haha. I was actually very surprised when I saw the picture of it. How can a 6’3 man sleep on that?!!!??
He must’ve been really courteous, I thought.

Anywhoo. It’s amazing how he’s so hardworking.
He’s really a model of God’s image.

He’s smart, talented, funny, humble, good-looking, and passionate.
#Linsanity, all day everyday baby.

Happy Va-lin-tine’s Day, everyone!


And this one had us in tears.

I love super lintendo!

im just excited a smart fucking asian is kicking ass plain and simple.

You cant be a thug, hard, or a gangstar if you get dunked on by a harvard grad. He leaves you looking like afterbirth on the court… your man cards revoked son! Walk the fuck home boy!

When i win that hat, im gonna impregnate my wife while wearing it. Im gonna hit it from the back while answering algebra equation and be fucking proud of it!!!!!!

Im out this bitch!!


If there were runner up prizes you would’ve won them. Unfortunately, there are none ROFLMAO. But there will be, in future giveaways. Thanks everyone for participating and keep supporting ya boy LIN! And do remember these snapbacks are for sale at Heads Ain’t Ready.

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    Awwww :( So close. Haha oh well.
    Please please have more Jeremy Lin merch. giveaways :)