They’re only two posts in, and this might already be one of the greatest Tumblr ideas yet. Creepy White Guys is putting a spotlight on the type of messages Asian girls receive and it’s hilarious. Here’s one entry:

A man who is distinguished, wealthy, competes in triathlons… AND is white?!?  Ai yaah, I must call mother already and tell her I am ready to get married!  How wonderful that as an Asian woman, I am on the same level as the cars you drive and the many homes you own!  It must be my docile nature and long silky hair.. PUKE!!!!!

Two things though. I don’t know why it’s only white dudes because I know all non-Asians are prone to saying some funky shit towards my Asian sisters out there. Also, I bet this is going to piss off the angry Asian dudes who hate seeing white guys ‘steal our women’. I’m sure this new Tumblr isn’t here to fuel that rage but to shed some light on these awkward and ignorant attempts so it doesn’t happen anymore happens less. So, don’t bust a forehead vein over this, fellas. Personally, I’m not mad at interracial dating (a few of my cousins are married to some great white guys) but I do find it a little weird when a white dude will ONLY go out with Asian girls.

Anyway, check out the blog and be sure to follow it here.

  • hun

    LOL you mustve saw that site by a post on chinasmack, thats how i did and shit is favorited.

    • hun

      scratch that, just saw this article on AAM lol

      • GUMSHIP

        I like to credit sites I spotted things on (I’ve linked back to Chinasmack and AAM plenty of times), but this time I saw this on my friend’s Facebook wall. 😉