That headline grips you don’t it? I wish I could say it was just to grab your attention, but this shit true.

According to reports, the Jiangsu province girl supposedly began secretly visiting the elderly man next-door (then 80) when she was 12, having sex with him for 20 yuan a time.

This state of affairs continued for 4 years until the authorities finally got wind of it, and she was arrested after they determined that she had “largely coerced” him into the arrangement, and she was reportedly handed a 5 year sentence.

I understand there are pervs out there who are like ‘lucky old man!’ (there are actually a bunch of commentators in Asia saying that) but I would’ve given this old guy the benefit of the doubt, because not all senior citizens are creepy pervs. But then it’s like, why didn’t he report this? Embarrassment? I don’t know man, this shit went on for four years! This whole shit makes me kinda sick. Anyway, here is your rapist.



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    next plot: nose job

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    Rape is a pretty huge term! It’s hard to throw this word around.. for a person to be raped it’s like, they have to have felt like they freaking lost their soul and shit, as if they had their honor stolen! It’s a big deal.

    You have to verify before you claim.

  • Reink

    Hell he probably enjoyed it for the last 4 years hell if she “raped” me i’d enjoy her all the way