It’s about time David Chang got his own show. The Chef behind acclaimed Momofuku is well-spoken and also seems like kind of a dick, which is great (no sarcasm). But more than being a good personality for TV, he’s always on the show just validating the cheap, shitty foods that I always find myself diggin’ into. I think it was on Bourdain’s The Layover show where he’s just eating foods out the Japanese convenience store. Now we got this preview of his show, where he’s eating the ramen, uncooked, with the powder. Yo, if you never did that growing up… you ain’t Asian, mannnnnn. El oh el. We’ll be checking out the premier.

Anthony Bourdain’s new seriesMind of a Chef, will premiere on PBS this Friday, November 9. The first season follows David Chang in 16 episodes as he travels around, seeking out the flavors and techniques that speak to him. He also visits chefs and cooks like René Redzepi of Noma and Yoshihiro Murata, the master of the traditional Japanese multi-course meal known as kaiseki. It is Bourdain’s mapping of how the 35-year-old restaurateur comes up with such ideas as coffee-flavored mayo as a condiment for a ham platter that sent José Andres on a joking rant.

Also, you gotta love Anthony Bourdain for putting mad Asian brothers in the spotlight. He’s the fucking man!

[via firstwefeast]