Okay, so I purposely didn’t want to post anything more on David Choe because there was so much coming out about dude. Also, we did this huge post on him last week about what he’d spend his money on so I was also trying to avoid being a “dickryder”. But this last thing leaves me no choice (I’m not longer afraidddd ha!). I’m listening to this Howard Stern interview like, damn, my readers need to hear this too. It’s over an hour of laughs and inspiration boners. Although he might not be happy about this new found attention (you’ll find out why), I’m pretty stoked. I mean, I remember just a couple months ago, one of the sites I write for, Guyism, wanted me to do a Top 75 Guys of 2011 List. This is a list of all the important dudes from the year but mostly targeted to a white male demographic. But I was like, fuck it, and kinda “snuck” David Choe onto the list.

David Choe is the second craziest Korean alive (Kim Jong Il is number one, silly). This year, the artist whose paintings grace the Facebook offices dropped a series of podcasts called Koreans Gone Bad featuring candid conversations with other prominent artists and childhood friends. It’s largely unedited (often running past two hours) with topics ranging from self-improvement classes, tossing prostitute salad, and first experiences with psychedelic drugs. Aside from that, he also broke into Pablo Escobar’s vacation home. Enter the Choe Matrix.

And now, dude is painting with Barbara Walters. #doesnotcompute

Anyway, the reason you’re here, his interview with Howard Stern. Enjoy this shit. Be inspired to live your life. And when I say ‘live your life’ I don’t mean paint and talk about porn. That’s his path. If your passion is medicine, do that shit with no regrets. If you want to eat hot dogs like Kobayashi, really open your throat wide and take it like a whore. Whatever son, you gotta have your heroes.

Latest KGB podcast episode 16 with Yoshi Obayashi finally back in the cut.

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