If you follow David Choe on Facebook, you got to witness him working on a beautiful mural in Hawaii. And then, watch it die…

No grumble be humble… brother IZ will be back on the wall shortly… Work in progress

Should be done by the sabbath, told you bruddah IZ would be back

Almost done son, time for poke



 Big aloha for big island

They tell me aloha means hello and also goodbye , so aloha to this mural it’ll be painted over by the end of the day, it got to live and breathe for 72 hours on the corner of pualani kuakini in KONA, no ack cracka jack. No matter how much hate exists for me and my art , it will never overcome how much love is inside me. The spirit of the Hawaiian nation is beautiful and healing and I’m only grateful to the people and for my time here , as axl sings “nothing lasts forever”

There she goes , All my sins Whitewashed away , god bless the buff , the manager of the building let me hear the complaint calls, Here’s all the reasons “Black, deathly morbid , ugly , sickly , unchristian , too ethnic ”
Today’s lesson: don’t work when on vacation

Yeah, he might be rich, and able to do another one whenever he feels but still, watching somebody just erase your shit because everybody in the community doesn’t fux with it can’t be fun. Whackness.

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    Yeah, shit’s the worst..