I’ve been seeing all the crazy things these 3D printers are capable of creating (guns, etc). But this gave me like a real positive buzz from what will be possible in the future.

The car was designed and built by Belgian engineering student group Formula Group T. The car, named Areion, was built for competition in Formula Student races. It’s pretty damn impressive. The 617 lb car can go from a dead stop to a mile-a-minute in about 3.2 seconds with its 224 HP electric motor.

Taking advantage of what 3D printing can do, the Areion has a shark-skin like texture on the surface of the nose of the car, which could help with aerodynamic efficiency, similarly to how a shark’s own skin permits more rapid passage through water. The body is also printed with all support clips and connection points built in for ease of assembly/disassembly, and cooling pods were printed with complex inner channels that can cyclone out dirt and material from entering the cooling system.

Basically, it’s not just a way to replicate, but innovate. I thought this sentence out the article was especially great.

Printing a race car body is just the first step to emailing a file to your preferred large-scale 3D printing company and driving home with a brand-new shooting brake body on your old chassis.

Ya’ll excited for this 3D printing shit or are you holding out on being enthusiastic about any technology until they create real life-like sex robots, you jerky humpalump. Haha!

[via jalopnik]