Seung-yong Song is a Korean artist and designer who’s studied and worked in France. Read what he has to say about his latest project:

Object-E: “The unique name of things limit the range of product’s shape and function, but above all, the fact that there exists stereotyped function in accordance with each unique name suppresses my imagination. I am not willing to deny or destroy the identity based on the stereotype, but I only reinterpret the uses I need in my own design language.”

That’s one of those things you hear at some art event and then your face automatically becomes blank because you’re trying mad hard not to frown or punch him in the face. But then when you see what he’s talking about it’s like, ohhhhhword?

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[via designmilk]

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  • http://Website Paul Lee

    That’s pretty kewl. Except the chairs w/ the shelves on top sounds like a better idea in theory than in practice.

  • Dave

    Ha yeah I could see some of those books tumbling down thwacking mufuckaz in the dome.