I remember reading some book about how to be a boss and outsource a lot of your work, maybe it was the four hour work week? (I obviously didn’t retain any of the information) Anyway, a developer at Verizon took that principle and just went all out with it, outsourcing ALL of his work to China. He also had the audacity (and by audacity, I mean genius) to use that spare time for freelance work, which he ALSO outsourced! The best part is that his employers loved his work.

This is how Verizon described him according to a report:

┬áMid-40s software developer versed in C, C++, Perl, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc. Relatively long tenure with the company, family man, inoffensive and quiet. Someone you wouldn’t look at twice in an elevator.

I believe it was the scholar Lil Wayne that said, “real g’s move in silence like lasagna”. LOL! So, how did they catch him?

Well, apparently his company noticed in its VPN logs that there was odd and consistent activity occurring on a connection between it and Shenyang, China.

The developer had allegedly discovered a way to make log-ins appear that he was over there, rather than over here. Part of his ruse was to FedEx his RSA token to China. Yes, the actual thing.

Anyway, they fired the shit out of him, obviously.

[via geekologie via cnet]

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