Last Sunday, sweetheart singer Dia Frampton uploaded a flick to her Facebook. And fans got tight!

Oh shit, it’s a gun!

One user found the photo insensitive in light of the mass shootings taking place across the country. He called the photo “disgusting” and demanded Frampton remove it from her profile. In the same vein, a man merely posted a link to a news story on the Aurora shootings — which killed 12 people and injured dozens more — without saying anything more.

But one user went a step further and reported the image. She wrote: “Guns should not be allowed on [Facebook] in any pictures for any reasons.”

Andddddd here’s Dia’s response:

I’m sorry to say…I’m not sorry my photo offended some people. I personally believe in self defense & first got interested in guns years ago when a guy was caught lurking around mine and my room mates apartment, knife in pocket, with a camera full of pictures of them getting into the shower, etc. I believe that evil people kill people, not guns. If someone breaks into my house with a weapon and tries to hurt me or my loved ones, I won’t be coming at them with a butter knife. I believe in the teachings of self defense, the second amendment, and responsible, safe use of firearms as long as one is educated on the weapon they choose to hold. After my dear friend got held with a knife to her throat in her own house, I decided to go in and take classes on gun safety in Utah. It is all my personal opinion, yes. But today’s a beautiful day and I am going to go out with friends and have a nice (responsible) time. Love to you all, even if your opinion is different.

Bang bang!

She should’ve just said, “don’t make me kill you” and called it a day. Ha!

[via iamkoream]