Blizzard’s third installment of it’s Diablo franchise has yet to be approved by S. Korea’s ratings board because of it’s Real Money Auction House feature. It would allow users to purchase credits through Blizzard to buy items within the game and as a result, they would also be able to exchange in-game money for some cold hard cash. Blizzard has already agreed to remove the “cashing out” feature for the Korean release, but the board has yet to make a decision on it’s approval. Why so serious?

You want Diablo 3? You can’t handle Diablo 3!

It turns out that Korea has had some issues in the past with gambling and game-fixing when it comes to their beloved e-sports. In 2010, 11 players were indicted for intentionally losing their Starcraft matches and receiving cash payouts from gambling sites. This situation has thrown a curve-ball in Blizzard’s plan for a simultaneous global release of Diablo 3. Potentially, this could result in a world-wide delay in the game’s release, or more likely, Korea will have to stop taking gaming so seriously and just let people play.

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