This guy hit up a gem exhibition in Sri Lanka and decided to swallow one of the diamonds. Mad hungry, sometimes!

The modus operandi was said to involve the caught Chinese man and an apprentice. The accomplice first swapped the original gem with a fake one, then swallowed the real gem, leaving no evidence of the theft behind.

Unfortunately for the two crooks, Mr. de Silva, who was watching closely over his precious gems, spotted the supposed-to-be thief swallowing the diamond even though the accomplice was distracting him.

The diamond’s owner immediately summoned the police. The Chinese man was then taken to the hospital, where he was given laxatives. The suspect was under close observation since it was not determined which stone he ingested. There is still no news if the gem has been recovered.

That last part is hilarious. Worst crime to get caught for because everyone is waiting for you to shit and I get nervous when people are watching. Also, my brother swallowed a marble once. But marbles are smooth. Imagine a point gem going through the soft, sensitive tubes in your body and then out the butthole. Not good times. What a hump.

[via weirdasianews]

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