I love Disgrasian. Those chacks are sassy and smart. Type to make you want to step your knowledge game up just so you can hold a conversation with them, you know? Might find yourself taking a stab at these New York Times crossword puzzles, half an hour later, you’re in the comic section when you remember what your initial purpose was and it’s just a rainy day all over again.

Uh, anyway, Jen Wang, one half of the duo, started writing for women’s site, JaneXO, and for her first entry, she shared photos from her youth. All I gotta say is, homegirl was stylin, word to poufy hairs and Cosby sweaters.

Here she is today with partner in crime, Diana Nguyen.

Notice how she looks far less impressed by life. Where did that beacon-of-light-smile-of-optimism go? Sigh

Oh hey, there it is!

Aiight, I’m a stalker.


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