DJ Qbert is the undisputed illest turntablist on the scene and for a long time now. If you ever want to just lose your mind for a couple hours, check out his Youtube videos and get lost in the scratch vortex. Recently, the man has been working on his latest project since his classic Wave Twisters and you can get down with the next shit, early.

Word up. Dude is the real deal. But you ain’t gotta take these guys’ word for it (although, they are pretty much the authority on this shit), check out this joint with Bambu.

Also, on some real hip hop shit, they took care with the whole packaging of it. And turned the LP cover into a turntable.

[youtube id=”dXEKvWwyONE” width=”620″ height=”360″]


This package includes

  • Turntable-inspired box design (what says DJ album more than a turntable right?)
  • Extraterrestria 2CD Deluxe Set (with interactive gatefold album packaging)
  • Hardbound Vinyl Book which contains more artwork, photos and interactive and hidden surprises. This book will also house the:
  • Extraterrestria 2LP Picture Disc Vinyl
  • Complete 9 Puzzle Piece Picture Disc Vinyl (each vinyl forms to combine the art piece specially designed by Dug-1 and can only be purchased as a whole in this package)

So yeah, support a living legend or cop something for your aspiring DJ friend. Kickstarter.

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