I’m a fan of Action Bronson and this cover doesn’t really bother me. But I’m more twisted than your average. How does it make ya’ll feel?

I kinda wanna hear more from Asian females and fellow hip hop heads though.

Just a little background information for those who don’t know… Action Bronson has become a staple in the game for spitting outlandish rhymes and for having an unmistakably 90’s New York style. This EP is a highly anticipated release. Also, Action reps Flushing, Queens very hard. It’s an area of New York that is predominately Asian. Anyway, discuss lol.


  • publicanon

    seems like the start of a new viral clip… 2 girls and 1 dump lol … eh nothing really offensive, except that i probably wouldn’t want to be the girl on her hands and knees eating from a toilet…

    good luck explaining that to your kids one day…

  • Shabooyah

    if you replace the girls with girls of any other ethnicity it’s still the same album cover. i don’t see anything that suggests something that is particularly offensive to asian women.