So the Dominos in Japan are now serving a luxury pizza that will set you back 66 dollars. Whaaaat? Apparently, it’s topped with kobe beef, onions, potatoes, cheese, and steak sauce. And according to RocketNews it’s actually pretty good:

“The pizza was filled to the brim with flavor, so much so that it was almost too much for me to handle! It took me back for a while, and I was admittedly a little lost for words; such culinary expertise in a pizza has got to be a first!” exclaimed one member of staff.

He added “When taking a bite, the juices from the meat spill over into the surrounding ingredients, blending in with the oil from the cheese to create a sense of flavoured harmony. At first, the idea of mixing cheese from a junk pizza with high-grade beef may make many a little hesitant, but the combination of the two and the taste that lingers on the palate are spot-on!”

Damn, ‘the juices from the meat spill over…”? Have you no shame? Lol anyway, I might fuck around and throw down a chunk just to say I tried it. I’ll give props to Dominos though for doing some wild shit like this. Japan is ill in that way.
[via rocketnews]

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  • Caramel

    I work for that brand and I’ll suggest to ya what to order there.

    Tell them: Crust is pan pizza, no original sauce, use white sauce. Put Philly steak and sliced Italian sausage for toppings. Class.

    If you’re feeling a little bolder, tell them to put garlic sauce ON the pan before dropping the dough on it! Mini-flavor explosion!

    If you want a lot of toppings on your pizza w/out getting charged too much, you can actually cook up some of the toppings at home yourself! Like fry some onions and maybe get some crispy fried chicken from another brand and put it on that pizza.