Ever since you seen the AR Scouters, you know you’ve always wanted one. If not to detect whether your opponent was somebody you could handle, the scanner could be used to identify the Mr. Satan in your crew and then it’s laughing and finger-pointing forever. In the latest Dragonball game, they’re offering the closest thing to it.

The official website for Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, the Nintendo 3DS port of the 2010 Dragon Ball: Heroes arcade card battle adventure game, has revealed that the 3DS version will include an extra augmented reality “Scouter” feature that will allow players to scan the faces of themselves and others to view their power levels. Scanning others will allow players to get items and Zeni, and if the power level of that person is high enough, a Great Ape Vegeta will appear and players can then battle Vegeta with their friends.



[via animenewsnetwork via silliconera]