Making a fighting game for the Dragon Ball franchise was never easy. Dudes is flying all over the place, teleporting, throwing massive fireballs, and all kinds of wild shit a more traditional game like Street Fighter wouldn’t tolerate. But they somehow made it work on the SNES yearsssss ago (with DBZ, DBZ 2, DBZ 3, and then Ultimate Battle is where they kinda fell off). Today, we have Budokai, which is also pretty cool and a serious feat in of itself, but sometimes I yearn for that old thing back. This is definitely the closest thing yet. But I’m doubtful because it’s a series of taps? But the look of the game itself is great. Check it out.

The Dragon Ball Tap BattleĀ game allows players to deal increased amounts of damage to their opponent by correctly tapping the screen during action events. The game has Bluetooth support, letting players play against each other just by having their phones close to each other.

[youtube id=”2bB6–qewEY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Looks like it’s been out since yesterday in Japan for the iPhone and Android.

[via animenewsnetwork]