I’m not really a sensitive dude when it comes to racism but news like this raises the shit out of my paranoia level. From the Duke campuses, here’s another ‘man, we just wanted to have some good ol’ fashioned racist fun behind closed doors’ that got put on blast.

The flyer above was made by Asian American students in protest of the party, and all the other racist and sexist marginalization that consistently goes down at Duke and campuses everywhere. No, this is not a new thing. Here are some more protest flyers, created using Facebook photos from the party, as well as emails that were sent to invitees.





There’s a discussion being held today as well as a protest:

Protest Against Racist Kappa Sigma Party

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 1:00pm

West Campus Bus Stop

If you’re SICK AND TIRED of ASIANS BEING MARGINALIZED on Duke’s campus, and INFURIATED that RACIAL, SEXUAL, AND SES MINORITIES continue getting stomped on at this campus, then come to the WEST CAMPUS BUS STOP to participate in a protest against Kappa Sigma’s “Asia Prime” party and ALL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST and SILENCING OF Asians at Duke.

*****Be at the West Campus Bus Stop at 1:00 pm sharp for a protest of Kappa Sigma’s repulsive invitation.*****



I want to be in those frat houses right now as they try to figure this thing out, probably cursing us out for not having a sense of humor. EL OH EL.

Real talk though, they’re lucky it’s some reasonable, level-headed Asian cats out there. Some Asians don’t do the discussion/protest thing.

[via angryasianman]

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