Dumbfoundead Interview: The Essentials + Old Boy Jon Free Album

Published On February 18, 2013 | By Dave | articles, features, interview, music, videos

What better way to set off Asian Hip Hop week then a feature with the current undisputed face of Asian American rap? Of course, Dumbfoundead is setting out to be much more (the best rapper out, period?) but the K-town representer is the people’s champ. Ask around. Dude has been grindin’ for more than a decade now and doing it the right way, snatchin’ mics as a battle emcee, crafting actual songs with listenable hooks, putting on live shows, and always paying homage to his heroes along the way. A lot of people congratulate the Coreano for making viral videos and all that but these qualities are the true reason why he’s where he’s at today. Foundation. It’s a nice blueprint for any aspiring emcee, Asian or not.

Today is his birthday but Dumb is the one giving out gifts with a free album called Old Boy Jon. But before all that, we asked him to break down the essential Dumbfoundead songs for the fans and the new listeners. Step your reading bars up.

As told to @rekstizzy

(start by clicking page 2 and skip to the last page for download link)

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3 Responses to Dumbfoundead Interview: The Essentials + Old Boy Jon Free Album

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  2. Wari says:

    Nice to hear what DFD has to say about some of the songs, haven’t listened to “Fun with Dumb” before, but I’ll check it out now. Thanks for makin’ this.

  3. Baloo says:

    Learn the difference between then and than for Christ’s sake !

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