I fux with Dumbfoundead aka DFD aka Korean Jesus aka Parker aka whatever shit he’s going by these days. Dude always puts on for his city and culture but he always manages to do it in a way that feels real and non-obligatory (aka not corny). This time, dude goes to his motherland Korea and instead of the standard temples and other traditional looks, he chose to highlight current figures that are holding it down for their respective scenes whether it’s dance, skateboarding, music, or art. Props to all of them too for grilling the camera on some ‘we really do this, son’. That finished Rostarr joint at the end gave me chills.

Directed by: Woogie Kim (GDW Films)

Music produced by: Duke Westlake (@dukewestlake)

Special thanks to: Cathy Kim, GDW Films, Dong-Chul Yang, Rostarr, Brown Breath, Plastic Kid, 360 Sounds, Cakeshop, Kyuhee Baik and everybody in Seoul, Korea who are pushing the culture forward!

[youtube id=”qSj_UHBzm9w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Download “Clear” from the Old Boy Jon album free hereĀ

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  •!/LimaCake LimaCake

    aint nothin’ wrong with temples! lol anyway the cinematography was beautiful. Loved this

  • hurryupnbuy

    that rostarr transition to the aerial view was pretty dope