Hey fellow fatties. How does winning a G ($1000) for eating curry like a G sound to you?

A restaurant in Japan called Gold Curry has issued a challenge to all curry lovers and with the voracious appetites. On the lower tiers, you can score free meals that cost anywhere from $18 to $33 for two to four kilograms of food, respectively. Son, that’s a lot of food.

But if you ain’t breaking out the ill anime sweatdrop at this point, the restaurant invites you to go for the complimentary meal AND a cash prize. Eat six kilograms in thirty minutes and you can win 30,000 yen or $285! It continues on like that up to the 10 kilogram challenge which costs roughly $76 but will award you 100,000 yen or $953 caaaaayshhhh!!! Think you can take it on? That’s only 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 kilograms right?!




BONG. I don’t know, yo. Any takers?

Here is a photo of the staff holding up L’s for all the losses people are about to eat.

[via kotaku]

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