Folks in Japan are trying to build a waterpark that allows you to do all the Seaworld type activities like watching/playing with dolphins. But then they gotta take it there and let you eat dolphin as well. NAH, COULDN’T SETTLE WITH JUST FUNNEL CAKE. I’m not going to let something like this traumatize me or nothing like that, but these are the times when you start to see that line between being American and being Asian. Like, this shit would never fly over here. I remember my brother visited Korea and met a dude who ran a boshingtan restaurant (dog stew) and also raised separate dogs as family. My bro asked him how he reconciles that shit in his mind and dude didn’t really have an answer. Shrug* Weird Asia News also points out that over in Asia, dolphin meat is normal and considered good for you. See? I don’t know mannnnnnnn…

Words from Masaki Wada, the man behind the idea:

“We already use dolphins and small whales as a source of tourism in the cove where dolphin-hunting takes place. In summer swimmers can enjoy watching the mammals that are released from a partitioned-off space. But we plan to do it on a larger scale.”

[via weirdasianews via vice]

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