If you need that extra something to amp you up and crush your workout in the gym, then you got to see The Expendables 3 trailer. The fast cuts with the anticipating action scenes, the fonts that punches the screen(metaphorically), some good old hard rock jam and explosions will definitely give you instant adrenaline rush to make all types of gains in your lifts, brah. But on the serious note, the new trailer is literally a “roll call” of the new feature stars that are added to Sylvester Stallone’s third installment of The Expendables saga.

Check out the trailer here 

My bad ya’ll, dealing with some technical difficulties. But here is another The Expendables 3 trailer:

Regardless, this trailer still gives you that extra pumpage!!!

It is clear, so far, that Sly wants The Expendables 3 to be the biggest and baddest action movie of the summer. I am glad that Sly recovered from the awkward feature of Chinese Actress Yu Nan in The Expendables 2 and selected MMA star Ronda Rousey. If y’all don’t know about Rousey… she a bad chick.  Also, l hope that the man, Jet Li, gets more screen time because I fondly recalled in The Expendables 2, less than 10 minutes into the movie Li  hops off a plane to escort his client back to China and says “See you later alligator” and that was it. 

Man, after watching that trailer I am about to hit the gym and wreck some heavy shit!

[via yahoo]

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