“WELCOME TO KTOWN” – not something you hear often, but Far East Movement’s newest music video, “The Illest (Ktown Riot Edit) ft. Riff Raff” is going to change all that. These LA Dreamers have created an unforgettable tribute to their city.

As usual, the track is dope as fuckkkkkk (what else would you expect from FM?) – but what makes the music video particularly, um, dare I say touching, is how FM has chosen to commemorate the LA Riots. Their emphasis on the strength, growth and progress of Ktown is unlike any other – heck, it’s like a tiny bit of Asian American Studies 101 in a music video.

Not to mention that the shift of diversity in Ktown parallels FM’s career, as they too, experienced adversity when they broke through the mainstream music scene (some of the comments on their videos, SMH). The name change from “Emcees Anonymous” in 2011 to “Far East Movement” alone speaks volumes, no?