If you want to travel long distances for cheap, it’s all about those Chinatown buses. I remember the first time I took it (going from Boston back to NYC), my friends and I joked about how it would break down midway. And then it did. Also, we found out another fung wah bus apparently exploded or caught fire, some wild shit. Still, I’ve taken that bus a few times after that. It’s cheap, yo. So, I don’t know how to feel about this:

The safety administration, which regulates more than 4,000 bus companies, started investigating the curbside bus industry last June amid what seemed like a wave of crashes en route to or from Chinatown. Inspectors found that many of these companies hired drivers without checking their backgrounds, testing for use of drugs and alcohol or verifying that they had the proper licenses, Ms. Ferro said. Some also failed to monitor the hours drivers were working and to ensure they were getting adequate rest between trips, she said.

And then they shut it down. This reminds me of the battle against tobacco. It’s bad for people, but people like it, or at least they want to have the choice. For now, there are still some companies operating so feel free to get your transportation russian roulette on.

[via angryasianman via nytimes]