In what may be the greatest advancement in the history of culinary science or the best sign of an impending apocalypse, there’s an alcoholic beverage that is so unflavored, it tastes like water. For those whose favorite drink is a vodka-soda, this could streamline the process of getting drunk. For the other imbibers, who, y’know, actually like to taste their alcohol, it will be the Four-Loko-esque have-you-tried-this-crazy-drink of the season. Air supposedly uses a patented, scientific process to leave the drink colorless, tasteless and odorless, and it’ll be sold in the beer aisle. For now it’s only on the West Coast, but those of you with a thirst for a water-flavored booze should be able to try it soon.

Right away seasoned drunks can spot one problem with this slickly packaged malt liquor: It’s only a measly 4% alcohol by volume, which is lower than many light beers.

[Air via The Awesomer]