If you’ve ever wanted to see Optimus Prime rockin’ the NERV colors, it’s about to go down. Toy maker Takara Tomy just put out this ad to announce the crossover between Transformers and Evangelion.

The Angels are invading. Breaking a long silence, the mysterious life-forms known as the Angels suddenly appear. The weapons the UN forces gather together in retaliation can’t even scratch them. In the end, they turn to the secret agency, NERV, to manage the anti-Angel¬†strategy.With Neo-Tokyo 3 in their sights, the Angels slowly advance upon the city…but suddenly a spaceship comes hurtling down from the sky above the Angels: the Autobot Sky Lynx! Out of the ship emerges warriors of the far-off planet Cybertron. They’ve come to investigate after noticing an unusual energy reading.

“We can’t let a disaster like the Second Impact occur on this planet.”
“What?! What are these monsters?!”

Optimus Prime sets his sights on an enemy much bigger than himself.

Very serious. No word yet on release dates or what the Evangelion side will look like but we’ll keep you posted.

[via animenewsnetwork]